Each tour is customized for you or your group and is based on how much time you plan to spend and whether demos will be involved. The more time you have, the more flexibility I have in the pricing. You won't find a better return for your investment anywhere else...I guarantee you.

Below is some basic pricing for the most common requests. I'm happy to discuss customized requests once I have a little information about what you'd like to do. My goal is to provide you the most for your budget, your time and where you are in your journey. PLUS...you'll have more fun than you can imagine.

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MAB Mega Package
4 days - Writing for 2 days; recording for 2 days; average of 4 songs completed and demo'd at Jay's Place Recording Studio on Music Row in Nashville 
Tour and writing $850 per person
Recording (Full Demo) $425 per song

Tour Pricing
One-Day Tour $250 per with with a six hour minimum
Three-Day Tour $650 total; save $100 on the 3-day package!
Group Rates Available for 3 or more individuals

Song Critiques
Per Song $30 per song
5 songs or more per individual $25 per song

One-on-One Sessions
Includes critiques of 6-7 songs and career consultation - 1 hour session $65 / hour
Song-writing Lessons - 2 hour session - Individual $175
Song-writing Lession - 2 hour session - up to 3 individuals $100 per person
Recording / Demo
Song evaluation, pre-production, production, post-production $125 per song
Vocals - MAB provides vocal for songs not included in other packages $75 per song
Guitar Vocal Demo - same as vocals, plus acoustic guitar $125 per song